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Mission Partners

At St David’s we aim to give 10% of our General Fund income to mission work.

  • David & Georgina Gray

    Work with Wycliffe Bible Translators whose mission is to communicate the Word of God to people who are still waiting to hear the gospel message in their own language. As well as translation work into Central Asian languages, they are involved in teaching and training, literacy work and community engagement. In early 2021 they moved from near Cheltenham to live within easy travelling distance of work at Moorlands College, Christchurch, Dorset.

    St. David’s contact: Nicola Payne

  • Steve & Flor Taylor

    Live in Thailand where Steve is Assistant Director of Bangkok Bible Seminary (BBS) and teaches theology and missions. The church in Thailand is steadily growing but the percentage of Christians is still less than 1%. There are thousands of churches but many lack trained leaders. BBS provides Biblically based ministry training for both those who can study at the college and for those who study online. There are currently over 900 students enrolled. Steve and Flor have served evangelical churches in Thailand for over 40 years.

    St. David’s contact: Andrew Evans

  • M, H & their four children

    Live in a small market town in North Africa. They seek to share God’s love and blessing with people living in remote villages and to encourage believers in Jesus through regular visits. They are also keen to develop health and environmental projects in the area where they live. They are supported by the Church Missionary Society.

    St. David’s contact: Sarah Wharton

  • Sandy & Kirsten Russell

    Serve among Kurdish people in northern Iraq, especially in Bible projects. The Bible has recently been translated into Sorani Kurdish; work is ongoing to make the scriptures, and supporting materials, widely available and engaging more deeply with Kurdish people. Kirsten serves with an NGO and local churches in relief ministry to refugees, displaced people, and vulnerable children.

    St. David’s contact: Shonagh Avis

  • Ben, Suzy, Molly, Dylan and Finlay Thompson

    After nine years serving here in Moreton, Ben was appointed to teach Old Testament and Hebrew at ETCAsia, Singapore. This is a young college, established to equip church leaders and missionaries for Word ministry in Singapore and the gospel-poor nations of South East Asia.

    St. David’s contact: Ian Bentley

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